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Having a DR solution in place does not remove the need to back up your data, however, it does offer guaranteed business continuity when your RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) are too strict for Backup Software to meet alone. Meet Zerto!
Check out a Typical Implementation Timeline.

For Our IaaS Clients

If you are our Cloud / IaaS client setting up Zerto DR solution for you is very simple. Pick a data center for Standby Resources and we'll set it up. Migrate whole infrastructure between data centers with a click of a button.

Running VMware On-Prem?

If you utilize VMware on-prem today, protect your mission critical virtual workloads into our Cloud. We offer White Glove setup service where we take care of the whole install, free of charge. Contact us for more info.

Direct Layer 2 or IPsecVPN

For replication, clients can get a direct Layer 2 link from an ISP, or we can connect via IPsec L2 VPN. Zerto requires a minimum of 5Mbit for replication, however, we suggest a 50Mbit uplink for better experience.

Data Seeding (up to 80TB)

If you have a large amount of data you need to pre-seed, we'll bring over a storage array and pre-seed all of your data, free of charge. After all - install and setup are free and this is just another portion of the same service.

Cost Effective Solution

Unlike other providers, we charge for only a portion of standby resources (vCPUs and RAM), and 110% of occupied storage (100% that is always in use and 10% overhead for the 24-hour recovery journal).

Single-click DR Tests & Failover

Test your DR with a single click of a mouse, without affecting production. When a disaster occurs, or in a pro-active preparation for a potential disaster, click a button and migrate your whole infrastructure to Cloud.

RPO of Less Than 1 Minute

Zerto replicates your data to us with a Recovery Point Objective of less than 1 minute. That is how much data you could lose, in case of a full-on DR Failover. Our live production stats show the effective RPO of 10 seconds or less.

RTO of Less Than 15 Minutes

From the moment you click the Failover button, it takes less than 15 minutes to spin up your whole infrastructure at Cloud Propeller. If that's not impressive, we don't know what is. It's magical to watch it happen.

Preserve Private & Public IPs

Your Private IPs stay unchanged, speeding up DR Failover and eliminating need for manual, post-failover changes. Depending on your ISP, we can engineer this solution so your Public IPs don't change either.



Ohio Christian University's IT department liked the idea of having their mission critical systems up-and-running in the event their on-prem data center was down for any reason. Secondary Domain Controller, Email, Sonis (on-line student portal), primary file server, and other similar systems were identified as good candidates for machines that would benefit from increased uptime.

Jared Bader, Director of IT Infrastructure @ Ohio Christian University, turned to Cloud Propeller for help. He was not disappointed.

Within just a few weeks, free implementation was completed by CP engineers, initial data seed transfered to Cloud Propeller's Data Center in Dublin, Ohio, and BGP peering was configured with OARnet so that OCU's Private and Public IPs stay unchanged during a DR Failover.

In case of an outage (or, pro-actively during a production-impacting maintenance) OCU IT department can fail-over (and back) any VM in under 15 minutes, with a single click of a button.

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Our DR solution is a white glove, turn-key implementation. We need about 2 hours for the initial discovery session with your engineers, and then we architect, configure and implement the whole Zerto DR solution on your own infrastructure. We will pre-seed the data if necessary, and hand it over to you with full documentation at a training / knowledge transfer session once it's all ready.


Stage 1 - Initial Discovery

At this stage we find out how client's on-prem VMware environment is deployed. We collect information on vCenter/ESXi versions, network design, storage configuration, 3rd party extensions you're using, which network and data store we can deploy Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM), and Zerto Virtual Replication Appliances (VRAs) on, which network interfaces to use for DR traffic, how client's firewall / router is configured and more. With this information collected, our engineers will present you with one of our pre-defined, tried and tested Zerto deployment scenarios and after; After a brief discussion on pros and cons of choosing a particular solution, both parties agree on the best one to go with. We have done this so many times, this stage actually goes much faster than you'd imagine.

Stage 2 - Zerto Deployment

As soon as Stage 1 is complete and we receive login credentials to your VMware environment, we proceed with installation of ZVM. We configure the DR network and interfaces, deploy ZVM and VRAs, and (if the data set is large enough to warrant it) seed your data to a storage array we bring in just for this purpose. All this can be done while we either work in parallel on setting up an IPsec VPN tunnel or while we wait for your ISP to complete a dedicated Layer 2 circuit for replication.

Zerto Deploy
Network Uplinks

Stage 3 - Network Uplink

Install and config is usually done much faster than the network portion is ready. For this reason we leave the seed storage array connected to client's environment until network connectivity is established. This portion is the only unknown part of the whole deployment as the time it takes for network to be established (if it is a dedicated layer 2 circuit) depends on client's own ISP of choice. If going with our Free (included) IPsec VPN Tunnel instead, this step usually doesn't take longer than 2 hours to set up and configure.

Stage 4 - Delta Sync

With network link established, we bring the seed storage array back into our Data Center and perform an Import and Delta Sync of all VMs that are being protected. This usually takes about a day or two, depending on the size of data and bandwidth throughput capabilities of the replication link. Clients who do not opt to use our free pre-seed service can start protecting VMs immediately.

Delta Sync
Network Config

Stage 5 - DR Router/Firewall Config & Testing

At this stage we configure client's virtual Router/Firewall settings to match what's on-prem. If client already uses a Virtual network appliance (vASA, VyOS, or similar) we can skip this stage altogether as we can simply protect that appliance with Zerto as a whole (or deploy an HA counterpart of it at CP). Lastly - we perform a few, production-non-impacting DR Failover tests and customize the documentation to client's specific config. This way, when auditors show up and ask for a DR plan/procedure, our client can just hand over the documentation we wrote. Neat!

Stage 6 - Handover & Knowledge Transfer

At this stage we handover the customized documentation to client's new DR solution, explain how everything works, and do some knowledge transfer between our engineers and client's IT staff. As expected, this is a fully managed solution, so while we do try and inform our clients in detail about the implementation, even from this point on you can be as hands-on or off as you desire. In case of an emergency or disaster, a simple phone call to our support is all that takes to migrate client's workloads forward into our Cloud or backward - into client's own environment.

DR Documentation

24/7 Support

After implementation we got your back. Our DR solution is fully managed, therefore we will monitor it, keep it up-to-date, assisst with protecting new workloads, help during DR tests, and especially during real Disaster events.

Easy Peasy Live & Test Failover

With a single click of a button - you can choose to Test or perform a full Live Failover, of a single or all of your systems. If you rather we do it, just call us and we'll take care of it. It is, however, so easy may want to do it.

Pay Per Minute During Failover

Only when you are in a DR-mode (Test or Live) will you pay full price for the resources utilized. We calculate usage per minute, and you will be billed for resources utilized during that period of time.



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