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IaaS • BaaS • DRaaS

We do not try to be Jacks of all trades. When it comes to enterprise-class infrastructure we really know our stuff. For this reason, we are dedicated to providing the absolute best solutions you can find in the following three service categories. All of our services run on our own infrastructure.

VMware IaaS
Infrastructure as a Service

Powered by VMware vCloud Suite at its core, our IaaS represents one of the most powerful solutions available today. Top-of-the-line Intel Xeon CPUs; All-Flash/SSD vSAN Storage; VMware NSX Software Defined Networking; 10Gbit backbone, with 40Gbit connectivity to each server. It is a true marvel of engineering continuously evolved and improved.
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Enterprise Backup Services

Veeam is the primary backup solution protecting our clients' virtual workloads running at Cloud Propeller. If you already utilize Veeam on-prem, you can replicate a copy of your data into one or more of our data centers via Veeam Cloud Connect. We even offer the ability to restore backed up data quickly onto our cloud infrastructure in case of a disaster.
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Veeam Backups
Zerto DR
Disaster Recovery Services

Having a DR solution does not remove the need to back up your data, however, it does offer guaranteed business continuity when your RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) are too strict for Backup Software to meet. Zerto atomically protects your whole Virtual Data Center, and can start it up at a different physical location in under 20 minutes.
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