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Cloud Propeller is run by a small team of engineers with 50+ years of combined experience in enterprise IT field. We met years back at our previous jobs, became best friends, and today - we run a business together.

Solus VM

In Enterprise IT since 2005

Before Cloud was even a thing, our CEO, then a freelance web developer, solved for needs of his clients by building a resilient, yet affordable infrastructure for hosting web applications he wrote. These were the good old days before Virtual Private Servers (VPS) were as wide spread as today. Based on Xen Project, and at the time, just released OpenVZ, the hosting solution was already ahead of its time, and other competitors.

In 2009, we did it for others

By 2009 our engineering expertise and experience with VMware Hypervisor was well known, and sought after. Our engineers were the key people who architected a local Columbus startup's Cloud Infrastructure as a Service platform from the ground up. These were the days of large, power-hungry storage arrays (EMC Clariion & Symmetrix/VMAX), and even larger and louder first-gen Cisco UCS blades. We ran and supported this infrastructure for, at the time - our employer, until 2013 when the startup was acquired by a Top-10 US-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) for over $16M.

Cisco UCS
Jasper - bored

2013-2015 - the light-bulb years

During these two years, it was clear to us that the Cloud Service Providers vertical was crowded by companies which did a mediocre job at best. The one we worked for was no exception at the time. The corporate bureaucracy and lack of imagination and progress made us (engineers at ♥) very bored. We were simply not challenged at our day-to-day job, and by 2015 we decided it was time to show the World how it should be done.

2015 to Present

Truth be told, our gamble of starting a business run by engineers where design, ingenuity, and dedication to quality and clients comes first, and figuring out how to make a profit second, paid off. Our current clients are a true testament proving that our philosophy of caring about what we do and about people we do it for - actually works. We own all of our equipment, have zero debt of any kind, and love our jobs.

Cloud Propeller


A lot of companies offer Infrastructure as a Service. Some do a decent job, others mediocre. Some are hyper-scale sized, others not so much. Because we wish to be of service to our clients, we truly believe what we have built at Cloud Propeller is quite unique in the Wild-Wild-West-like world of Cloud Service Providers today.

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Need advice on Cloud Infrastructure, want to chat about IT, or simply wish to grab a coffee with us one morning? Drop us a note. You can also call us at (614) 505-9555 or email us at hello@cloudpropeller.com.